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What FOCUS Selling Systems Is About

Sales teams get an overhaul with FOCUS Selling Systems.

Hands-on help is the key to achieve objectives.

The reason for FOCUS Selling Systems’ (FSS) proliferation in a wide variety of businesses is simple: Sales can be difficult. In fact, sales can be the most elusive component of any organization’s success formula – and in today’s competitive environment, sustaining growth and profit is tougher than ever.


This is especially true for small-to medium-sized businesses. “It’s been estimated that only five percent of such companies have a comprehensive sales system in place,” says Boyd Liski, Co-Founder of FSS.


Liski, an ex-CEO of several businesses prior to formally launching FSS several years ago, explains: “Too often, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs neglect to fully develop their sales team, and as soon as the wind blows the wrong way, they get a nasty wakeup call.”


FSS helps clients develop a market-aligned sales force that is relentless and focused on its objectives, and it does so in a unique way: FSS dispatches certified professionals to undertake an intensive investigation into the client’s goals and resources. “Simply put, we first established what the company’s short and long-term plans are in as much detail as possible,” says Liski. “This is essential. You’d be surprised how many firms are unclear about where they want to be three years – or even one year – into the future.”


Through a series of processes developed over the past 20 years by Liski and his brother Brad, sales leaders are identified within the organization. “At this point we begin using targeted sales training and other techniques to fully realize the potential of these leaders,” he says.


It takes between 12 to 15 months for FSS to transform an underperforming company into one that has total control of an effective sales process, says Boyd. “Sometimes as much as 50 percent of an organization’s sales team falls away during our course of action,” he says.


Boyd says he and his colleagues enjoy working with early-stage, growth companies “because they have no baggage, and we can help them put the right people in the right place.”


FSS’s approach to sales excellence is suitable for any profit-driven company. “We’ve benefitted direct-selling organizations, financial institutions, real-estate firms, manufacturers – you name it,” says Boyd. “We’re eager to help anyone.”


“The bottom line is if you have a clear idea of what you truly want from your business and continually commit to our process, you can expect substantially beneficial results.”


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