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How to Measure Our Sales Operating System

FOCUS Selling Systems sales operating system is a factual permanent asset that is designed to systematically differentiate and liberate business owners by implementing and mastering a focused selling system that accentuates nonprice position and captures market value, via a honed Sales Force, for sustainable radical results.

Possible ways to measure the impact and the permanent asset value of a sales operating system are:

  • Return on Asset - what return the company achieves on its investment into a Sales Operating System implementation.
  • Sales Force Present Value - what the net present value of future cash flows from the sales force’s sales less costs of implementation, training and coaching; over standard customer life time.
  • Weighted Index - a weighted-index method of critically important factors for sales success; shown to give more accurate results and be valid for a wider range of sales structures.

sales operating system

"Success cannot be left up to chance or inconsistent effort. The rewards come only and only after a focused vision is adhered to by a dedicated, professional performance."
- FOCUS Selling Systems

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