Task Oriented Modules

The importance of reflection and learning cannot be underestimated for a sales team. Where we are going to attack needs to be supported by facts and empirical data. If anecdotal then the foundation will eventually collapse.  
sales team

1.  FOCU$Basics

Analyze & Align - The part of the process, through research and data dumps, that ensures a sales team to know exactly what the company does and does not do. It also helps others in the organization understand what the team will be selling, bringing the sales culture through the entire organization.

  1. Stand Tall - Clarity of Competitive Position
  2. Profit Formula - Profile, Refine & Organizational Align
  3. Product Knowledge - Rock Solid Foundation
  4. Sales Production Manual - Consultation is King 
  5. Mo’ Money - Compensation, Contests & Incentives

2.  FOCU$Camp 

Target & Train - The targeted training then begins, using customized workbooks, sales people challenge their thinking and learn new techniques.  Each module is trained in 3 to 4 hour sessions, weekly with time-sensitive homework to simulate the pressure of a sales team in order to perform. 

WARNING:  Weaker sales people are vetted in this process.
  1. Prospecting - The Push for Prosperity
  2. New Contact - The 1st Impression
  3. Proposal Presentation - It's Show Time!
  4. Negotiating - Receive What You Focus On
  5. Closing - The Science of Asking
  6. Loyalty - Linear Loyalty Equation

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Growth Modules

Understand the power of compass checking and the Salesperson's Survival Kit.

Optimize Modules

Learn to set your sales towards a new Supremacy of Self-Management. 

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