The System and Process

The System

Knowing that the obscure close is not merely a phone call away, we build on a purposeful structure of needs; building on each to ensure lasting, repeatable results of permanent value.sales training material

The Process - Five Easy Steps

Through a collaborative route, with the use of over 400 pages of sales training material and skilled implementers, we systematically take each company through a Five-Step Process:
  1. Target Marketing Clarity
  2. Sales Pipeline Creation
  3. Customized Sales Training
  4. Pipeline Review Cadence
  5. Quarterly Performance Follow-up

The Deliverables - Three Key Documents

Out of the 20 deliverables from FOCUS Selling Systems there are three that make the foundation of each module powerful:
  1. Market Position Paper - 5-10 page document that can be given to a designed firm to build all the required marketing tools (website, eNewsletter templates, brochures, proposals, etc.)
  2. Training Workbooks - Over 250 pages of individually assessed workbooks for each sales person. Designed to engage and entertain yet deliver the reality of a market-driven, sales culture. Fully interactive workbooks guided and assessed by a certified FOCUS Selling Implementer.
  3. Sales Process Manual - 20-30 pages concise, yet organic, manual for sales' reference and for quick training of new sales professionals. Includes:
  • Sales Process Flowcharts
  • Target Market Segmentation
  • Ideal Prospect Definition
  • High Impact Testimony (H.I.T.) Statements
  • Objection / Rebuttal List & Scripting
  • Questioning and Probing
  • Role Transition
  • Sales Representative Guidelines
  • Proposal Design Requirements & LOE/LOU/OCs
  • Business Development Protocol
  • Pricing Strategy / Selling Rates