Optimize Oriented Modules

The system enriches itself by being monitored and improved upon. At each level of sales mastery comes another and that is what a sales champion needs to optimize. 

sales mastery

4.  FOCU$System

Transformation - The process at work with the easy to manage tools for internal sales managers.
Self Management - Module of Success.
F - Formalize
O - Optimize 
C - Conceptualize
U - Ubiquitize
$ - Systemize

5.  FOCU$Loyalty

The Optimization - The pinnacle of selling success and ensuring repeatable business. This optimization module of the system creates Market Attack Plans and teaches higher Value Execution and Balanced Scorecard selling.
Major Account Profile – The Pinnacle of Sales Success.

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focus selling

Task Modules

Look at your training in a whole new way - through Six Critical Selling Skills.

focus selling

Growth Modules

Understand the power of compass checking and the Salesperson's Survival Kit.

focus selling

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