Growth Oriented Modules

Sales growth only comes through putting knowledge into action. These two modules get the sales champion focused on the external world and making an impact. 
sales growth

3.  MentorFOCU$ 

Coach & Customize - A must program with curbside coaching, proposal reviews and tag-team sales calls.
  1. Career Maintenance - The Saleperson's Survival Kit
  2. Field Training - The Guidance Meth
  3. Reporting System - The Compass Check
  4. Meeting Cadence - Playbook Role-Play Review
  5. Culture Managing - Sales Force Cohesiveness 

4.  FOCU$System 

Transformation - The process at work with the easy to manage tools for internal sales managers.
Self Management - Module of Success.
F - Formalize 
O - Optimize
C - Conceptualize
U - Ubiquitize 
$ - Systemize

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Task Modules

Look at your training in a whole new way - through Six Critical Selling Skills.

Optimize Modules

Learn to set your sales towards a new Supremacy of Self-Management.

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