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You gotta get it right, and hold it tight, forever and ever.

As technology enhances, many entrepreneurs think the end of B2B sales team is near in the current business world; however, it is the rise of new B2B sales reality. BCBusiness invites Boyd Liski, the Founder of Iksil Group Inc, to discuss sales training techniques and systems for B2B. In this presentation, Boyd Liski will share the shift of new B2B era. In addition, Boyd Liski will provide key components of creating high performing sales team. The sales concepts and strategies from Boyd Liski will benefit many entrepreneurs who are looking for a breakthrough in their sales market.

Boyd Liski is the Founder of Iksil Group Inc. He is also the co-Founder of FOCUS Selling Systems. With over 23 years of experience, Liski has specialized the strategy of B2B investing. He coaches many top performing companies to create record breaking success. Moreover, he helps many entrepreneurs to develop their market growth and leverage technology to gain competitors advantage. His unique sales training techniques inspire many young entrepreneurs and startups. Liski is also a Board Facilitator for The Alternative Board.

Boyd Liski believes the new B2B sales reality adds up to big numbers. In his sales model, it consists of 4 major parts: strategy, build in value, capture thy value, and win. Strategy requires strategy drivers. Build in value needs system drivers and capture thy value involves sales drivers. All entrepreneurs need to have the mindset of “win”. The strategy and build in value are task oriented. When entrepreneurs reach the capture thy value, they will see 10 times return. As they reach to the win, they need market strategy for greater return. Liski mentions many entrepreneurs are stuck in the build in value and could not move up to capture thy value. In fact, many big companies are managed to move up to capture thy value, such as intelligence, quickly.

There is a radical shift of B2B sales reality. Many entrepreneurs think B2B is broken; however, Liski disagrees. The new era of B2B has begun. Entrepreneurs will be seeing 3 factors: marketing has a bigger role than before, performance needs structure, and the impact of sales revenue.

In the selling process, many entrepreneurs could no surpass 57% because they only gather limited customer information. The missing piece is customer experience. Liski emphasizes the purchasing experience from customer is number one driver to their loyalty, ahead of brand, product or value. For many companies, widespread support is the number one criteria for decision making. Customer experience creates a huge impact in B2B and it sets apart from other competitors. Many companies are focusing on technology changes, such as new websites or software, but smarter marketers start with the big picture. To move from 57% to 80% or more, entrepreneurs need to have add sales value experience.

Liski shares the 5 best practices to be a strategic marketer:

  1. Start with a strategic approach
  2. Success is gradual
  3. Establish the position of a thought leader
  4. Combine multiple tactics
  5. All about customers

Liski believes there are 5 common marketing mistakes many entrepreneurs are making:

  1. Undefined value proposition
  2. Weak messaging
  3. Features, not benefits
  4. Project orientation
  5. No sales alignment

In this new B2B sales reality, customers are looking for experts. They are craving for consulting. Liski believes it is time for entrepreneurs to get smart people in the front line. Therefore, Entrepreneurs need to unlock customer value, create predictable results, deploy high performance teams, and master simple power systems.

Liski provides 5 main criteria to reach high performing sales teams:

  1. Raise themselves as excellent
  2. Structure sales process
  3. Hold to high level of accountability
  4. Aggressively raise bar year to year
  5. Terminate under performers

The number one business rule is to have a system to leverage team talents. It requires the approach to build and master the Sales Operating System. There are 4 components of the Sales Operating System: hiring, training, coaching, and paying. Moreover, leadership and management play a huge part of all 4 components.

The hiring component focuses on market clarity. Entrepreneurs need to analyze the market priority, align all capability gaps, and place themselves in the attack position. The training component focuses on pipeline creation. Entrepreneurs need to target the right campaign and process. Each part needs to be tested in the field of behavior, motivation, and knowledge. They need to consistently maintain with manuals. The coaching component focuses on continual review. Entrepreneurs need to have customized one on one training with the team. They need to have field strategy and feedback. Moreover, they need regular guidance. Lastly, the paying component focuses on continually to do better. Entrepreneurs need to recognize the team in public. Reward must be easy to calculate and analyze. They also need to reinvigorate with skill refreshers or new tools.

Liski believes by helping others, it is the quickest way to success. Process leads to profitability. The quicker the feedback, the faster to process. Furthermore, the quicker entrepreneurs pay, the better the result.

“You gotta get it right, and hold it tight, forever and ever”

“System first, then people; that is how you measure the matrix”

Sales Operating System provides full transparency, predictable review, predictable profit, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction. To get performance, entrepreneurs need to be supportive and be cleared with their role. They need to define the right market. They need to integrate SMART principle. They need to have productive meetings and a simplified pipeline process.

Liski wants entrepreneurs to remember that there is only one purpose, one system, one language, one playbook, and one focus. The reason for underperformance is poor hiring, no training, inconsistent sales leader, and anti-sales culture. Boyd Liski advices entrepreneurs that they can engineer and manufacture sales, they always have control of the process, and they can product revenue and profit.

“There are 3 wins – faster, often, and bigger”

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