"If sales were easy, we wouldn’t be busy"
- FOCUS Selling Systems
The reality is “Sales” is NOT easy. In fact, it is the most elusive part of a company’s success formula. Top sales professionals are the highest paid employees in an organization and often are the highest maintenance employees as well. FOCUS Selling Systems leverages both of these realities and has been developed, tested and refined for over 20 years with a continual focus on converting to sustainable, PROFITABLE SALES GROWTH.
The proven and practical FOCUS Selling Systems (FSS) is not a series of seminars or a compilation of how-to-books. Rather, FSS is a hands-on, reliable and focused sales operating system created specifically for each client. Implemented and mastered, the end result is a predictable larger and more profitable sale.
Given today’s competitiveness, a focused and honed, market–aligned sales force is the #1 most effective and efficient resource to capture and monetize corporate value on a predictable, recurring basis.

Focus Selling


The Process 

FOCUS Selling Systems Five Easy Steps

Through a collaborative route, with the use of over 400 pages of training materials and skilled Implementers, Focus Selling Systems systematically takes each company through a Five-Step Process.
  1. Target Marketing Clarity
  2. Sales Pipeline Creation
  3. Customized Sales Training 
  4. Pipeline Review Cadence
  5. Quarterly Performance Follow-up




 Focus Selling

The System

FOCUS Selling Systems Five Core Modules

Knowing that the obscure close is not merely a phone call away, Focus Selling Systems builds on a purposeful structure of needs; building on each to ensure lasting, repeatable results of permanent value.


 Focus Selling

Our Beliefs 

As selling becomes more complex, the role of the sales force as a source of competitive advantage grows. At FOCUS Selling Systems, by competing on differentiators, we attest that: 

  1. You can engineer and manufacturer a sale
  2. You are always in control of the process
  3. You can predict revenue and sales





"In the Champion's mind he is never ahead. He distorts reality to serve his competitive purpose. He is always coming from behind, even when the score indicates he is destroying his opponent."
- Mark McCormack

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